Mobile Development
Agile. Quick. Simple.

Mobile Development
Agile. Quick. Simple.

App Development

We at Zweidenker have been developing mobile solutions for more than ten years. We design and program tailor-made apps for every requirement. Whether it is a start-up or a large corporation, whether a small tool or a complex all-in-one-solution: with us you will get support at all stages on the way to the ideal application. As a holistic digital and software agency, we cover the entire value-added process of app development for you.

We specialize in highly complex apps that are scalable, business-critical or hardware-related and that have to meet comprehensive security requirements.

We develop all solutions individually and from scratch using the latest technologies in mobile development. In all project phases, we rely on an agile process and close cooperation with our customers: starting with ideation and UX design through the implementation of front and back ends to ongoing operation and associated maintenance. We work with you as a team to develop tailor-made solutions for your project.

From useful applications to e-commerce to playful entertainment: we create intuitive mobile web applications and native apps across platforms for iPhone, iPad, Android, watch and wearable.

Together with you, we design your mobile world: with mobile apps, web apps & native apps. We develop for iOS, Android, Hybrid and Flutter and rely on professional UX / UI design with prototypes and quick review of ideas through agile development.

App Services

As your partner we accompany you even before the implementation. Together we identify requirements and make the right decisions for implementation, scaling and market entry.

Continuous cooperation at eye level is an important prerequisite for a successful project. With agile methods and feedback cycles, our projects always stay on track.

Design and user experience are key factors for a successful app. From the first screen design to the clickable prototype, we provide the basis for a targeted implementation of the software.

For us, lightweight processes and trustworthy handling are the core of agile software development. We continuously provide the current status of development – automatically and manually tested.

For us, responsibility doesn’t end after your app goes live. With many years of experience, our development team takes over the operation and further development of your software.

Information about user behavior is decisive for the targeted further development of your product. With app analytics, we can validate concepts before they are implemented.

Agile Methods

ZWEIDENKER has been working according to the principles of the Agile Manifesto for years and extensively uses agile methods with Scrum and Kanban in all phases of the development process. The essential principle is a highly iterative approach. With our many years of experience and an agile approach, web solutions can be developed reliably, quickly and in a customer-oriented manner.

Agile Development: Short development cycles, an iterative approach and visible results at the end of the sprint
Agile Teams: Interdisciplinary teams equipped with the necessary skills and our customer as an active part of the process – right from the beginning
Agile Processes: Lean and flexible processes preventing bureaucratic expenses and short reaction times

Project Phases

Different phases are passed through in the development cycle of an app. Meanwhile, our experts are in constant contact with one another. Depending on the scope of the project, these development phases are flexibly adapted.

Phase 1-3
We start with a kick-off workshop for planning and consulting in the app project. The requirements analysis is carried out together with the customer in order to define goals right through to the marketing stage of the application. Based on the project plan, we implement the research and analysis phase as well as the brainstorming and conception.

Phase 4-5
Then follows the design sprint: colors, graphic elements, UX and UI design as well as an optimal user experience are developed. Then we develop a first prototype. The app is implemented after successful testing.

Phase 6
After the release, our ongoing support ensures an intact and always up-to-date app. This means that apart from maintenance and technological operation we also update the user interfaces or add new functions.

Whether travel guides, service app solutions or indoor navigation with location-based services: With well-designed applications and state-of-the-art technologies, we offer flexible and intelligently integrated mobile apps.


B2B-Travel Planner
Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH
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Flinkster Carsharing
Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH
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SAP Press-Reader
Rheinwerk Verlag
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Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund
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Flink Me Rideselling
Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH
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Call a Bike
Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH
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Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on the scope and complexity of the desired functions. A simple app or a minimum viable product (MVP) takes 1-3 months. We implement average apps within a period of 3-9 months. First we launch an MVP and then gradually extend it with updates.

Let us schedule a free consultation to discuss your individual requirements!

In the first step we require a precise description and requirements of the app. What is the aim of the app? What content should be presented? How is the structure? Which functions should it fulfill? In this conception phase, we can offer you a requirements workshop to help you define your individual requirements. On the basis of these descriptions, our team discusses the effort involved in implementing your project and then we will you send you an offer. In the following step, a software development contract is signed and the work begins immediately afterwards.

If this has not yet been done as part of the preparation, a precise design document of the complete application will be drawn up now at the latest. The project is finished when the product has been accepted by the customer.

To send you an offer, we need at least

  •   a fundamental description of the app regarding its main function
  •   information about required features / menus

and ideally:

  • a specification sheet for all functions
  • an overview of the app structure / flowchart

That depends on the required functions of the app, the terminals to be supported and a whole range of other influencing factors, but a new development usually costs at least € 10,000.

The price includes detailed advice in advance, the design and programming of the application, regular provision of demo versions during the implementation phase, final testing and uploading of the application to the respective store.

This depends on the desired functions, the terminals to be supported and the requirements. If you want to bring an existing website to mobile devices, a web app or a progressive web app is often sufficient. However, if you want to use specific device functions, offer users offline availability and send push messages, then development as a native app is ideal.

Before we bring your application online, you need to create your own developer account with Apple or Google. You can do this by yourself or we can do it for you for a lump sum of 149.00 EUR. The annual cost of an Apple account is 99 USD, with Google the cost is 25 EUR per year.

Pharo (Backend), iOS, Android and Flutter

A requirements workshop is helpful if detailed requirements are not yet available. All questions relating to app development can be discussed in close cooperation. In addition, the requirements are recorded and documented.

A user story is an informal, general explanation of a software feature written from the perspective of the end user. It is deliberately kept short and usually does not contain more than two sentences. However, it is specific and detailed from the customer / user perspective.

It does not describe a technical solution, but a requirement. User stories are often used in agile work techniques. If you are more interested in the methods of creating requirements, then take a look at our innovation process.

System solutions for which you supply the end device, we recommend to restrict to one device if possible.

If you want to develop a corporate app for employees, the device selection depends on whether and which devices your employees will be using.  If your target group is end customers, we recommend, apart from special cases, the development for iOS and Android operating systems. Whether smartphones or tablets depend on the application as well as the respective user scenario.

We take care of the ongoing maintenance of a programmed app through a so-called application support and supply service. If a content management system is part of the project, we will also take care of any problems during operation and provide support, e.g. when changing servers etc.

Apple has specific technical and content criteria to get through the review process and have an app on their store. However, the restrictions only affect the usual points with regard to explicit content. On the contrary, no significant check or restriction is expected from Google.

Basically, every application can be expanded to other platforms by reprogramming. The costs to do so always depend on the initial project and its complexity.

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