Agile processes and methods
Highest quality from concept to product

Agile processes and methods
Highest quality from concept to product

How we work

Larger software projects are complex, making it difficult to define the exact requirements for the final product and – to an extent – putting a limit on planning. This requires flexible, adaptable and quick development in short iterative cycles from our teams.

Our projects are implemented on the basis of a tried and tested process that has been developed over many years. We use agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban to develop software solutions that take into account continuous adaptation of requirements and circumstances during the development phase.

We work with lean and flexible processes, few rules and little bureaucracy to achieve visible and functioning results quickly and efficiently. An interdisciplinary team and our immersion into the customer’s perspective support our striving for the optimal solution.

Based on leading Open Source technologies, we develop individual and innovative solutions at the highest level of performance and quality. An agile approach and holistic consulting are in harmony with reliability and perfection.

Agile Software Development

Agile Development

Short development cycles, an iterative approach and visible results at the end of each sprint

Agile Teams

Interdisciplinary teams equipped with the necessary skills and our customer as an active part of the process – right from the beginning

Agile Methods

Lean and flexible processes preventing bureaucratic expenses and short reaction times

Scrum Framework

Our projects are brought to life by agile methods and the Scrum framework. We focus on delivering a working system as early as possible, which we continue building and developing in iterations.

We work process-oriented – the long-term goal is roughly defined and the implementation is done in individual development steps, the so-called sprints. This gives us the freedom to react quickly to changes in the project. The customer has insight into the progress and can give feedback at any moment.

Communication and transparency are essential aspects of agile development for us. The customer is part of the process from the beginning and is accompanied by a dedicated project manager throughout all development phases. As the central contact person, they coordinate the processes and provide information about the development status at any time.

On the basis of agile engineering, our web solutions can be developed quickly and in a customer-oriented manner, which reduces costs and shortens the time-to-market.


Kanban is a method used to coordinate and self-organize tasks within the team. The Kanban Board provides the team and project management with an overview of the progress of the tasks to be completed – bottlenecks can be quickly identified and the workflow is managed effectively.

Apart from Scrum, Kanban is one of the most common agile tools and acts as an ideal complement for collaboration in agile teams.

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