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Flinkster Car Sharing

A few years ago we developed an app for the bike rental system of the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Rent. Call a Bike makes finding available bicycles quick and easy wherever they happen to be.

This application started out simple but eventually became the basis for a much more complex and groundbreaking mobile service: The Quickest App, which enables mobile access to Deutsche Bahn’s car sharing service.

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What we take for granted today was a real challenge back then: in addition to booking via PC or call center, the goal was to enable users to conduct searches, and book and change vehicles seamlessly and conveniently via smartphone.

Since typical users booked spontaneously, determining users’ current locations was a must. The map became the core element of the Flinkster Carsharing App: users can see all free vehicles and bicycles in their vicinity and select and book them via app. 2011 was a true innovation.


Functionality and user comfort were at the heart of this project. That’s why we developed multifunctional technology for both Android and iOS:

  • Search and advance booking
  • Navigating to the vehicle
  • Push-messages with costs and travel time immediately upon arrival
  • View recent invoices
  • Keyless entry via App
  • Vehicle damage display

Developing Technologies And Advancing Solutions

The application was adapted for partners of the Flinkster Carsharing network and can be easily adapted for other brands. From the outset we’ve been hard at work refining and optimizing the app using our agile development process. Our developers and the project managers at DB Rent have become a powerful and well-versed team.

In addition to adapting the user interfaces to reflect modern design paradigms such as material or flat design, we regularly add new functions that offered added value–for both user and client alike.

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