Why brainstorming is outdated

Trends & Impulses
We come across terms like think tank, creativity workshop and idea sprint more often these days. As the names suggest, they are used to systematically generate ideas on a specific…

Using Xray for Test Management and QA

Trends & Impulses
A software is a complex networked system. Bugs and problems occur and are part of the software development process. Hence early and continuous testing according to the motto “fail early…

Introducing Flutter

Trends & Impulses
When evaluating new projects we always ask ourselves what technology we should use to build the front end client. For KVV Home Zone we decided that Flutter would be the…

ESUG Conference 2019

Since 1993, the International Smalltalk Conference is organised by ESUG (European Smalltalk User Group) every year. The attendees enjoyed tutorials, workshops and demonstrations on various Smalltalk related subjects. We were…

Pharo IoT-Hackathon 2018

In order to bring new technologies to the market, we organized an IoT Hackathon on 19th of October 2018 in our office in Cologne. 15 people of which are friends…