We are thinkers and doers

The Managing Directors
Dr. Marcus Denker
Norbert Hartl
Christian Denker

We are thinkers and doers

Who we are

ZWEIDENKER is a digital and software agency based in Cologne. Since 2009, we’ve been developing digital networked products, working closely with clients to digitize key business processes.

Dr. Marcus Denker, Norbert Hartl and Christian Denker, spent years working in the creative, digital and research sectors before bringing their vision for an agency to life: with relationships rooted in respect and trust and an eye toward straightforward processes, ZWEIDENKER delivers outstanding solutions.

Today ZWEIDENKER is an international team of creative specialists. We are thinkers, developers, strategists and above all doers. With passion and creativity, we deliver digital solutions in the areas of individual software, IoT, prototyping and consulting.

We strive to create digital products and processes that work while putting people first. Our clients can count on our commitment to honesty, maintaining an open discussion culture and delivering meaningful results.

Room for new concepts

At ZWEIDENKER, we work to create digital products, design meaningful processes and deliver customized solutions. That takes not just unconventional thinking and creative invention, but the empathy to listen and fully understand the customer’s world so we can develop strategies that work.

Making that happen means we need room to think: intellectual freedom helps us generate ideas and allow our creativity to unfold. At the same time, we have the physical space that provides not just an optimal working environment for us, but for external experts we leverage to jointly develop products, drive innovation and implement our vision.

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