Complete testing life cycle automated with Xray

A software is a complex networked system. Bugs and problems occur and are part of the software development process. Hence early and continuous testing according to the motto “fail early and fail cheap” is an essential part of our development process and significantly improves the quality of the product.

In many companies test management tools are not commonly. Bugs and problems that occur when using an app, for example, are still recorded in confusing Excel tables: Masses of data are entered, bugs with the same content are reported by different people and features are not implemented in a very user-friendly manner. This way, too much administrative time is lost without finding critical bugs.

A few years ago, we started to learn from these experiences. While looking for a way to improve our testing process, we found out about Xray from Jira.

Xray is a test management tool that divides software into many small components, which greatly simplifies the detection and elimination of the actual origin of an error. With Xray we can capture and organize processes, assign work and track team activities. The Jira plug-in documents the test process from start to finish. Errors and bugs are documented in test cases and summarized in test sets.

Since we at ZWEIDENKER work with other Jira features anyway, we can benefit greatly from the high synergies. Errors can be linked directly to the existing Kanban ticket, which makes the whole thing even clearer. It also makes it much easier to merge error messages with the same content and make connections between bugs much easier to see.

Now it is clear where exactly a bug occurs, as these can be assigned to the individual test cases and it is impossible to double report a bug.

Xray is simple, integrated and saves a lot of time, effort and money. The test process is now even more closely intertwined with the development process and runs at the same time as the development process. So for us there is no doubt that we will integrate the test management tool more intensively into our development process in the long term.

Robin Wurm, Software Quality Engineer at ZWEIDENKER

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