Stadtrad Hamburg
Smart Bike Sharing Of Deutsche Bahn

Stadtrad Hamburg

We liked Call a Bike, the bicycle rental system of the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH, right from the start. Unfortunately, however, the intelligent mobility service could not initially be used via mobile apps. So we took the initiative.  In 2009 we published the first version in the App Store, shortly after that Deutsche Bahn Connect contacted us and took over the app.

Since then, we have been successfully developing the app with the DB team. And on this basis we created city specific mobility concepts such as for Stadtrad Hamburg.

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Making Hamburg Mobile

Thanks to Call a Bike’s infrastructure, we were able to quickly offer a tailor-made white label service for the Hanseatic city. Many useful features could be placed under the motto „Rent, Drive, Return“.

Today, the Hamburg resident can park his rental bicycle free of charge at more than 220 stations and, thanks to the trend-setting cooperation between Call a Bike and Hamburg, finds a modern and sustainable mobility concept for the city – which can also be used throughout Germany.


With the Stadtrad Hamburg one is simply well on the way in the Hanseatic city, thanks to the following characteristics:

  • User registration via app
  • Display of available bicycles at the selected location including distance information
  • Booking and return via app – without booking call
  • Interactive symbols for the positions of the wheels on the map
  • Use of all known routing functions of the navigation app
  • Function in all Call a Bike cities and systems
  • Simple damage notification directly from the app
  • Store multiple accounts for business or personal use

Great Bike, Not Expensive.

With Stadtrad Hamburg, the Hanseatic city can be explored in a flexible way. And thanks to the cooperation between ZWEIDENKER, Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH and the City of Hamburg, the app is continually being further developed and adapted to the needs of users.

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