eMobility Cube
E-Mobility For Wolfsburg

eMobility Cube

Experiencing the mobility of the future today: it’s possible at the eMobility Cube electric mobility centre in Wolfburg’s main railway station. Electric cars and e-bikes are easily accessible and can be booked or dropped off at various stations throughout the city. A coworking space is readily available and hosts frequent events on different aspects of electromobility.

The eMobility Cube is based on the “Micro City” concept of Volkswagen. The project is funded within the framework of the German government’s electromobility showcase programme (“Schaufenster Elektromobilität”). The state of Lower Saxony, the city of Wolfsburg, Volkswagen Reasearch, Wolfsburg AG and the Hannover-Braunschweig-Göttingen-Wolfsburg metropolitan region are all sponsors of the project.

Projektpartner sind das Land Niedersachsen, die Stadt Wolfsburg, die Volkswagen-Zukunftsforschung, die Wolfsburg AG sowie die Metropolregion Hannover-Braunschweig-Göttingen-Wolfsburg.

Innoz GmbH

iOS || iOS Demonstration App || HTML5 || Ionic

Mobility Of The Future – A Successful Pilot Project

We made sure to create a tangible experience of future mobility on the smartphone – so that the stakeholders involved, such as commuters, citizens and tourists no longer approach the subject of e-mobility with tightened handbrakes.

A challenging project, particularly due to the tight time frame. But after its launch on 19 October 2015, the eMobility Cube turned out to be a complete success – the project was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. We are happy to have been able to contribute to this inspiring project with a creative solution. The city of Wolfburg, for example, plans to offer e-mobility beyond this pilot project.

Fast Execution Due To Agile Development

Due to the tight schedule, we had only a few weeks left for development. Usually too little. We achieved it anyway: a special technological approach enabled us to use aspects of the app on all platforms.

Most of the source code is shared by both app and website. We integrated subsystems of car and bike sharing providers into the frontend. This enabled us to implement a very swift development process and to stick to the schedule. Thanks to this development strategy, future maintenance and further development efforts will be as low as possible.

A Well-Received App

The mobile app is an easy solution to enable car- and bike sharing. Depending on the user’s location, the app displays available vehicles on a map and includes a booking mechanism. A few clicks – and the journey begins. The app unlocks and locks vehicles, making keys obsolete.

Whether informing or registering – we also delivered a comprehensive website to go with the app. It offers all necessary details on the functionalities and facts of the eMobility Cube. Coworking spaces can also be booked directly online via the website made by Zweidenker.

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