For the Ophthalmic clinic Am Neumarkt (Augenklinik am Neumarkt) in Cologne we have digitalised the assignment and management of surgery appointments. Not a big challenge at first glance, but a complex IT-project at second sight. Existing workflows and IT-systems had to be considered. Ultimately we have developed a solution that is well worth taking a look at.


The task: The assignment and management of surgery appointment had to be digitalised. The Ophthalmic clinic Am Neumarkt (Augenklinik am Neumarkt) had been working with Medistar, a clinic software, but there was no function to manage the process of assigning appointments efficiently. So we added an extension to Medistar – a custom-made surgery appointment planner.


The challenge: When assigning an appointment, the receptionist needs to be able to keep track of all surgery plans and holiday calendars of surgeons and to tare them in the best possible way, since a patient is just looking for an appointment that suits him best. Previous solutions like Excel-Exchange and learning appointments by heart had to be replaced by a smart software, that could collude with Medistar, building a system to properly manage patient records. Unfortunately Medistar didn't offer a proper interface, so we had to dive into the depths of their data base for reverse engineering, to be able to reconstruct functionalities – an extensive task!


Our solution: We have reproduced the clinic's workflows in a web application that corresponds perfectly with the patient records management system Medistar and calendar software. When assigning an appointment to a patient, free dates are suggested automatically. Patients, surgeons and receptionists can always keep up to date to all assignments. Surgeons can further edit surgery appointments directly in patient records via Medistar.

The result: Appointments can be planned on the spot, which increases efficiency and reduces waiting time for patients.


  • Depending on surgery and surgeon the next free appointment can be found automatically.
  • Surgery overviews and protocols can be converted to PDF documents. 
  • Data of surgeries and used material can be analysed.


Special features: We have developed a software that links several components like calendars and patient management systems. The user interface is displayed via browser, so that the app can be used on any computer within the secured local network of the clinic. Controlling business processes via web – for us this is a new generation of software. Any enterprise is based on individual processes. We deliver the corresponding individual software.

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